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Purple Men's Watches


Purple Men's Watches


Purple was the color of royalty and courage, it can only be used by royalty for hundreds of years. But today, creative minded men can wear this royal color on their wrists with pride and joy. Men’s purple watches are rare and will be unique for the wearer as finding anybody else with a purple watch is extremely hard, this is a huge plus for individuals who want an exceptional watch.


How to Choose a Purple Men’s Watch


Purple is a very unique colour within the horology world. Not many watchmakers use purple in their men’s watches. The ones who make purple in their watches only use this color in dials and details of remarkable watches with very limited quantity. A purple-dialed watch from a respectable company is still newsworthy. But there are good prices on quality watches on this website. But before buying a new watch, you should set a budget. 

As with any new purchase, you will get what you pay for. While this sentence is true for most watches, there are some bargains to be had. Some cheap watches come with excellent quality Japanese quartz movements that will keep the time more accurately than most high-end automatic watches. But if you want an mechanical or automatic movement, you will get what you pay for in terms of styling, mechanical quality of the movement, craftsmanship and after sale support. There are some good mechanical watches for good prices but you need to research extensively for finding a good watch with a quality mechanism. Buying one from well-known brands is your best bet if you are a novice watch buyer and want to be safer. But if you want to do the research, here’s some basics that will help you in your quest for your next watch;

  • Movement is the ticking heart of watch. It is the mechanism that is responsible for moving the hands and complications.
  • There are 3 types of movements: Quartz, mechanical and automatic.
  • Quartz is battery powered and it is the most common movement. It is the most accurate movement because it keeps time by measuring a vibrating quartz crystal.
  • Mechanical and automatic movement is generally more expensive. They are mechanical and don't need batteries for keeping the time.
  • They store kinetic energy on a spring, commonly called as a mainspring and release the energy slowly to move the gears and keep the time.
  • They differ from how they restore the kinetic energy. Automatic watches wind the mainspring automatically, with the daily activity of the wearer. For winding the mechanical watches, you need to do it manually, through the crown.
  • When shopping for a mechanical watch, you’ll see the term power reserve quite a lot. This is an estimate of how long a watch keeps on ticking without winding the mainspring.
  • The complications are the extra features of the watch like date and chronometer.
  • The type can be determined by the complications. Some main types of purple watches are;

- Dress Watch, the simplest of watches. A good fit for any use case except sports.

- Chronograph, it has a watch and a chronometer as a complication. A good fit for active gentlemans. Can be used for any occasion except formal business meetings and other formal occasions.

- Sports watch, Mostly digital with quartz movement. Some chronographs can be used as sports watches if you are brave enough. Only used for streetwear and sports, strictly casual. 


Why Your Next Watch Should Be Purple


As the production techniques advanced along with the quartz movements, the prices went down. Today, if you fancy a good, dependable timekeeper, you can find one for not much money. A purple watch can be used for standing out in a crowd and as a conversation starter. As these timepieces are so rare, people will ask questions about your new watch. Also, you can find a good purple watch for many occasions and many outfits, such as;

  • A high quality dress watch with a purple dial can be a fashion statement in the right context. As dress watches are mostly black or white dialed, a purple dial will help you stand out.
  • A chronograph with purple dial can be used for creating a bold yet welcoming look.
  • A purple sports watch can be a striking watch for combining with streetwear and casual social endeavours.
  • Purple watches with silicone straps that are mostly used for street and sportswear can add a welcome splash of colour and enhance your wardrobe for cheap.
  • Anodized steel straps in purple can be used for suitable watches for refreshing their look.
  • Some high-end watches use purple leather straps, these can be used for creating a contrast with your other leather accessories.






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