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Two Tone Color Watches for Men

Guess W0366G4 Men's Watch
Guess W0366G4 Men's Watch


£123.17 £189.00

    Burberry BU9006 Unisex Watch
    Burberry BU9006 Unisex Watch


    £197.10 £329.00

      Hugo Boss 1513321 Men's Watch
      Hugo Boss 1513321 Men's Watch

      Hugo Boss

      £244.00 £375.00

        Esprit ES1G205M0065 Men's Watch
        Esprit ES1G205M0065 Men's Watch


        £99.88 £120.00

          Michael Kors MK8714 Men's Watch
          Michael Kors MK8714 Men's Watch

          Michael Kors

          £145.00 £319.00

            Two Tone Color Watches for Men


            Two-tone watches are one of the most divisive categories of watches. They are mostly made from two different kinds of metals and because of this, Two tone watches split the horology world neatly in half. While some people enjoy the look and find them quite interesting, others wouldn’t even touch them with a ten-foot pole. The latter group of people are a minority these days. Because two tone color watches for men are getting increasingly popular, especially with the younger watch buyers.


            Why are Two-Tone Color Watches Divisive?


            Two toned watches caused a stir or two in their lifetime. The main reason why they are so controversial is that they are mostly made out of two totally different kinds of metal, like stainless steel and rose gold watches. Some argued that they looked ridiculous and hideous. Some base their arguments on science and say that two different kinds of metal will corrode at different rates, react to each other and overall make the watches less durable.

            While it is true to an extent that the materials used in two tone watches may corrode at different levels, it is highly unlikely. The truth is today’s metallurgy is so advanced that watchmakers can remedy the corrosion problem by creating special alloys that don’t corrode or react to each other. Also today, anodizing is a common practice, as with its popularity, it has gotten a lot cheaper to find anodized steel two tone watches. These watches have two tone colors but are made from the same material. This way, the only thing you have to think about is choosing the right color combination for your next watch.


            Popular Combination of Two Tone Color Watches


            The most popular kind of two tone color watches are stainless steel and gold combination. With this combination, watchmakers created a unique look that withstand the test of time and these watches are still continuing to impress and inspire. The most popular combination of gold alloys and stainless steel are;

            • Silver-colored stainless steel with yellow gold
            • Silver-colored stainless steel with rose gold
            • Silver-colored stainless steel with red gold
            • Anodized steel with white gold

            There are other combinations of metals, including but not limited to;

            • Stainless steel with gold covered or plated stainless steel
            • Stainless steel with copper
            • Stainless steel with titanium
            • Two different colors of anodized steel

            These watches are a fun and easy way to add a splash of color to an otherwise no-frills design. Once you decided on the combination of metals for your next watch, the next order of business should be setting up a budget and choosing a watch that will make you happy.


            How to Combine Two Tone Color Watches With Right Clothing

             Combining the two tone watches with right clothes and other accessories is paramount for making them work. This is not an easy feat given the two different colours that are used in these watches have totally different characteristics. You have to pair them with the right type and color of clothing. But if done properly, two tone watches create a cohesive and stunning look that only they can put together. Here’s some general rules on how to combine these watches;

            • You should choose the dial of the watch carefully. Not every dial is created equally and choosing the wrong dial sometimes gets in the way of otherwise a great look
            • If you are buying a two-tone watch for streetwear, you might consider pairing them with tartan combinations, two tone shirts, jeans, and different colors.
            • For casual and streetwear, you might get away with a big pilot’s watch or a chronograph. For using it for business, you need a diver’s watch or a dress watch.
            • Metal works with metal. You can use a two tone watch for highlighting or contrasting your other metal accessories like belt buckles and rings.
            • You don’t have to settle for a metal strap. You can use leather straps with two tone watches for creating a unique look.
            • If you choose a leather strapped two tone watch, match the strap color with your belts or shoes.



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