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Women's Automatic Watches


Women's Automatic Watches


Automatic watches are the pinnacle of watchmaking. Their mechanisms are mesmerizingly beautiful, don’t need batteries and are amongst the most sought-after in the horology world. They can be found in a number of different watches and designs. Some of the most luxurious ones are women's automatic watches. These watches can be the crowning jewel for a great attire. As they are all mechanical, they need a little getting-to-know before making a purchase.


What is an Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is a reference to the movement of the watch. An automatic movement is a type of mechanical movement. So, for understanding automatic watches, you need to understand how a mechanical watch works, as these are some of the most fascinating things you can find. A mechanical movement works solely by springs and gears. It needs no batteries as it is self-sustained. These timekeepers have a mainspring that you can wind with the crown. This mainspring drives a series of gears to a wheel called balance wheel. This wheel then moves at a certain rate and moves the hands, essentially keeping the time. For these watches to work, you need to periodically wind the watch, either by-hand or an automatic mechanism.

The automatic mechanism separates itself from the more traditional manual watches in the winding step. These watches don’t need to be hand-wound as they have a clever design to keep the mainspring winded as needed. Automatic watches have a free-spinning rotor or counterweight that is connected to the winding mechanism. The daily activities of the wearer causes this rotor to spin, which in turn powers the watch. You can still wind them by hand, and in some circumstances you are encouraged to do so, but they don’t need any winding as long as they are being used.


Things to Know About Automatic Watches

As with anything, horology has its own terms when talking about different things about the watch. Knowing these is important as most of these are vital to the price and the function of the automatic watches.


Movement Models

There are different models of movements that watchmakers use in their watches. One of the most important things to know about is if the movement is developed and produced in-house or bought over-the-counter. In-house movements are developed by the brand that makes the watch. They can be more expensive and commonly thought to be more quality options. If a watchmaker doesn't want to build a movement from scratch, they can opt for buying them from some other company that produces them, these options are more affordable and can be easier to maintain.


Power Reserve 

Power Reserve is really important. This is how long can a watch operate before needing to be wound again. This is important because if you run out of power, you need to calibrate your watch again, which causes inconvenience . If you are not going to constantly use your automatic watch, you need to invest in a watch winder. These are inexpensive tools that mimic the movements of the wrist to keep the watch powered. But you need to be careful when choosing one, as they may damage the watch.



Complications are the added features of a watch. For example, if your watch has a date, it is a complication. Some watches have different ones like chronometers and moon phases. These complications may drive the prices up. Some complications are nice to have and really sought-after but for some formal events, a watch with complications may be considered unacceptable.



When you look for watches, you will come across jewels at some points. Jewels are synthetic rubies or sapphires that are put in the center of the gears. They serve an important role within the watch. They provide a hard, smooth surface for the gears to rotate freely and reduce the friction and heat related wear on said gears.



As with anything mechanical, automatic watches need to be regularly serviced and maintained. After each ear, you should dry and wipe these watches. Also, you shouldn’t use your watch in the shower. While most automatic watches are water resistant, they are not tested for hot water. Hot water may cause the gaskets to fail or expand the metal gears at a different rate, causing some damage. Servicing needs to be done by a qualified technician or a jeweler. These watches need to be serviced regularly, every 3 to 5 years. If you take your time and make sure your watch is well maintained, automatic watches will last you more than a lifetime as heirloom pieces.


How to Buy an Automatic Watch 

One needs to be cautious when buying automatic watches as more often than not, these items are expensive and will be your companion for a long time. First thing you need to make sure is buying them from a reputable source. After verifying the seller, you should look at their collection for watches you like the design and work within your budget. After you choose the watches you like, you should search these watches on the internet to determine what movement watchmaker choose to use on that specific watch.

Nowadays, there are very good and accurate automatic mechanisms that can be found on reasonably priced models. After you get through all these steps, you are ready to proceed with the purchase. 


High-Quality Ladies Automatic Watches for Good Prices

Buying an automatic watch is a life-long investment. With regular maintenance, these watches can last more than a lifetime. It is important that not only you find a watch you like but a watch you love to wear, as these watches need to be in constant use to stay powered. Take a look at the collection of women automatic watches on this website. These watches are carefully chosen to serve your needs. You can find statement pieces or a classy watch suitable for your needs for good prices. All of these watches are certified authentic and use high-quality materials through and through to last you a lifetime. So, if you are on the market for ladies automatic watches, you should consider getting one from this collection, as this will be the most convenient watch buying experience you’ll ever have.

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