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Women's Digital Watches


Women's Digital Watches


A watch has two main functions. While one of them is to show the correct time, the other is to accurately reflect the measurement of a time interval. Digital watches are numerical. Hours, minutes, and seconds are represented by numbers, and the surface of the watch can be small and linear. 

Digital watches have become a type of wristwatch that is preferred by everyone. Combining both practicality, technology and elegance, these watches have managed to become a great competitor to all other watch models. Digital watches for women, digital watches for men, digital watches for children ... Beautiful and stylish digital watches suitable for everyone are available on the market.


How Digital Watches Work?

The general name of the watches that show the time in digital numbers is digital watches. A digital watch mechanism is called a quartz mechanism. Inside is a crystal that has been cut to a certain size and placed. This crystal is generally preferred as a silicon dioxide crystal. This crystal vibrates at a certain amount per second under a given electric current. Digital watches can often have a date, alarm, phone book, or even a calculator. Be sure to take a look at ladies digital watches that offer practical and technological features from each other. 

In almost all manufactured watches, this number of vibrations is 32,768 per second. Since this number is a power of 2, it is compatible with circuit elements working with a binary system and can be easily measured. When the measuring circuit counts 32,768 pulses, it increases by 1 second. The watch works this way too.


How to Set Digital Watches?

First of all, touch the screen of the watch once, the watch will appear:


  1. When the watch image appears, press and hold for 10 seconds.
  1. You will see the screen where you will choose the 12/24 hour format. You select 24 or 12 by quickly tapping the screen.
  1. Press and hold the screen again immediately after making the selection. The hour part will start to flash for the time setting. Press quickly to set the time.
  1. Then you will switch to the minute setting by holding it down again. Again, you can quickly press and set the minutes and seconds. 
  1. Press and hold the screen again immediately after making the selection. Holding it down, you will see the year setting. Press quickly to set the year you want to choose.
  1. Then, by holding down the screen for the last time, you can set the month and then the day.


What Can Be Done With a Digital Watch?

Today, there are many different brands and models of digital watches. Ladies digital watches are also available. Some of these focus on a few basic features, while others aim to have as many features as possible. Thanks to the wide range of products on the market, it is possible to find a digital watch that suits almost everyone's needs.

People make their choices according to aesthetic appearance and different technical features. The most common features found in digital smart watches are:


  • Notifications: Smartphones send notifications to keep you informed of important events or events. Notification types may differ. Some smart watches allow you to do very simple operations. For example, the latest Apple Watch smartwatch includes a drop sensor. If you fall while wearing the watch, the watch will track your next movement, sending you a series of notifications if it does not detect a change. If you do not respond to the notifications it sends, the smart watch will assume that you have been injured and will alert the authorities for you. 
  • Applications: Most smart watches have the ability to notify incoming notifications to phones. But for a smartwatch to be really good, it must support apps. Apple and Google may change apps over time. As long as your smartwatch supports these changes, it is good. However, smart watches for basic purposes such as diving or hiking sports usually only support purposeful applications without the possibility to add another application.
  • Media management: Most digital clocks that you pair with smartphones also allow you to manage your media. For example; While listening to a song with the Airpods, you can adjust the volume of the music or even change the song on your digital watch. 
  • Responding to voice calls: Those who used to read comics or science fiction enthusiasts know. There would be heroes who would use their watch as a phone. Technology, which was utopia in the past, is now possible thanks to smart watches. You can use your watch as a phone with modern smart watches that can run watchOS or WearOS operating systems.
  • Sports tracking: If you do very hard sports, smart watches may not be suitable for you. Still, many smartwatches include a pedometer to help you keep track of your heart rate and workouts. 
  • GPS: Most smart watches use GPS to track your location.


Analog Watch Features

The general name of classical watches, in which the hour and minute hands show the time, are analog watches. Analog wristwatches feature numbers, roman numerals, or symbols that substitute numbers. It is a type of watch that also has models with features such as stopwatches and timers, most of which are extremely stylish.


What is the Difference Between Analog and Digital Watches?


  • Digital watch is more difficult to understand than an analog watch.
  • An analog watch is a work of art and is more difficult to make than a digital watch.
  • Digital watch is more common than an analog watch..
  • An analog watch deteriorates faster than a digital watch.
  • The analog watch is a tool, the digital watch is an equipment.
  • The workmanship of the analog watch is more. 

Classic analog watches have basic features such as time, calendar, alarm and stopwatch. However, digital watches have many advanced features in addition to these features. In this context, the features of digital watches are advanced products such as connecting to the phone via bluetooth, having an alarm and stopwatch, 12-hour and 24-hour functions.

In addition, the water resistance and impact resistance for digital watches are higher. With these products, which are more useful than conventional watches, values such as temperature with a thermometer and pressure with a barometer can also be monitored.


Digital Watch Prices

Digital watches, which have more advanced features and more durable products than classical analog watches, are also at higher prices. However, the prices of digital watches, which vary according to the brands, are at reasonable levels considering the features. Finally, it is time to make your life easier with digital watches.


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