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Women Green Watches

Swarovski 5452498 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5452498 Ladies Watch


£246.56 £329.00

    Calvin Klein K4U231WL Ladies Watch
    Calvin Klein K4U231WL Ladies Watch

    Calvin Klein

    £92.92 £159.00


      Women Green Watches


      The watch is one of the essential accessories for a woman. Sports and stylish watches combined with dresses, suits and even tracksuits are complementary accessories for women. Green watches for women can also add a stylish and sporty atmosphere. There may be stylish watches that green color may be hidden in the details of the watch, as well as more sporty stylish watches that are completely green.


      Sport Stylish Green Watches

      In fact, straps and patterns are what make a watch sporty, chic, or both sporty and stylish. When we go over green watches, if a watch has a green silicon, leather  or fabric strap and it is a simpler model rather than a very patterned one, this makes it a more sporty chic model.


      Elegant Chic Green Watches

      Generally, watches made of metal or steel, with more gold details, are heavier. They are watches that can be worn with more stylish clothes, not sports combinations. Women green watches, where green is combined with gold details and patterns, are used to complement more elegance.


      Watch and Dress Match

      Analog and Metal Watchband and Combination Compatibility:

      You can wear non-digital watch models with a combination of jeans, shirts and boots. All watches will look stylish with this combination. It can be combined with your suit at special events, mostly in business environments. You can support it with a metal buckle belt and metal jewelry.

      It will also look good with a stylish combination in casual style. Your metal color watch should also match your ring. Thus, all your accessories will appear in harmony. 

      A green and gold watch goes particularly well with earth tones, and a silver watch is particularly well suited to gray, blue and black. By the way, make sure that it should be analog and not digital. With such features, watches can sport your combination.


      Casual Clothing and Leather Watchband Compatibility:

      You can use leather watch bands for more casual sports and stylish clothes. Coarse, worn leather straps can match more with basic jeans. You can even use worn watches comfortably with your retro clothes.

      In fact, when making a combination, the color of the shoes is a reference to the color of the watch strap. Don't forget to choose their belts and shoes in the same colors. We recommend that you do not combine a brown shoe and a watch with a green strap unless you have to.


      Sporty Silicone Strap Watches:

      You should definitely choose watches with silicone straps for casual or sporty clothes. These silicone strap watches are designed mostly for sports and are compatible for sports style. Classical hours will not be suitable for activities involving physical movements while doing sports. It should also be equipped to allow you to focus on the sport without having to worry about your watch breaking off your wrist or breaking down during training.


      Nato Nylon Watch Band Combination Compatibility:

      Nato nylon watch bands are more of a watch model used by mountaineering, outdoor sports and travel enthusiasts. However, for those who are interested, it can be tried one to one watches for casual and basic clothing. You can easily combine green watches for women uk with green fabric straps with a lumberjack shirt and a pair of jeans.


      Combination Harmony of Chain and Chain Watches:

      They say heirloom pieces point to a legacy. Combining pocket watches in vintage stylish outfits and retro suits will leave meaningful memories fresh.


      Color Choice

      In general, the right watch choice for women with a sports style; it is light gray, black or dark gray, which is the original steel color. Other tones combined with steel or rose gold also fit into the sporty style. For this, we recommend that you evaluate the model on its own. Because all other design details other than color can also make a watch have a sports or a more classic form.

      Combining the colors of the daily or special jewelry used in women is the most common way to choose. Rose gold and gold tones are the most sought after colors due to the other accessory colors we have. But for those who have a sports style or love white, steel tones will always be the safest choice.

      Recently popular light blue, purple and green colors are shades with the same coating quality as other colors that are in line with today's trends. Do not hesitate because these colors are not the original shade of steel.


      Leather Strap or Metal Strap?

      The conditions of use of the metal bracelet:


      • Metal bracelets can also cause sensitivity and itching on the arm, like leather straps, on very hot and humid days, due to the sweat and dust accumulated in the bracelet when excessive sweating.
      • Metal bracelets are heavier and more difficult to carry on the arm.
      • Metal bracelets do not wear out easily. Especially precious metal and stainless steel ones can be cleaned from scratches by polishing. They are very durable in normal use.
      • When used with elegant dresses, leather straps are more compatible than metal bracelets.

      On the other hand, leather straps reveal the watch and add a distinct elegance. In particular, the slim case and the trendy minimal designs of the day are more compatible with formal dresses, and they are lighter and more comfortable to carry. They also adapt to the arm in a short time and take the shape of our arm. 


      The conditions of use for leather straps:


      • Due to the absorption of your sweat over time, they can cause odor. To prevent this, airing the skin once in a while; It is even recommended to leave it in harsh sunlight and, if possible, not to wear the same leather strap every day. Aeration and drying of the leather prolongs its life.
      • The leather strap has a shorter life than the metal bracelet. It needs to be changed over time according to the temperature, frequency and duration of use.
      • It is important that the upper and lower skin of the belt is genuine leather, and the tanning and dyeing of the leather is done with the right chemicals. Some leathers are kept in oil for a long time before being turned into straps. Thus, the skin is saturated, processed more easily and is less affected by sweat and water during use.
      • The wrist watch strap is very important as it is in direct contact with our wrist.
      • The buckle or clip should be as good as the skin of the watch. Inox stainless steel buckles or clips should be preferred.





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