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Women Luxury Watches

Gucci YA133304 Women's Watch
Gucci YA133304 Women's Watch


£870.00 £1,690.00

    Gucci YA133309 Ladies Watch
    Gucci YA133309 Ladies Watch


    £742.44 £1,099.00


      Women Luxury Watches


      Watches of luxury watch brands are products that combine elegance, luxury, elegance and reliability with high-level craftsmanship. The best luxury watch brands produce watches that are designed to last a lifetime for their users, displaying the highest quality with excellent workmanship. These luxury watches are sold for thousands or even millions of dollars. Detailed research is required to purchase a product of luxury watches for women.

      Why are Luxury Watches so Expensive?

      Many people question why something so small costs thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why are women luxury watches so expensive? Why are the prices of some watch brands so high compared to others?

      There are many reasons why watch prices are so high. The main variables that affect the price of a watch are its technology, workmanship, production, luxury, and most importantly, brand value.

      1. Brand Name

      The first factor determining the price of a watch is the brand. Brand name is one of the most important reasons that increase the cost. For example, when you buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe watch, you are not only buying a product, but also prestige.

      Imagine owning these two brands. Imagine that your watch has Rolex or Patek Philippe written on its dial. Watches from these two brands will be much more expensive than any non-branded watch. Because these two brands are not just an accessory that shows the time, but a luxury symbol. It is a status indicator. 

      1. Developed Technology and Materials Required for Production of Watch

      No matter what kind of watch you have, clock technologies are always expensive. If the brand does not produce the technology it uses and buys it from outside, the price will increase even more. Imagine how high the cost of a unique and sophisticated automatic watch would be, even when the prices of quartz watches are so high today. Also, when the brand buys an external technology, it will also spend time and resources to change and improve it.

      The brand may also be developing its own mechanisms. Although this option is often cheaper, this will certainly reflect on its price as it will require a lot of resources, time and manpower for the brand to develop its own technology. 

      Considering all these, we can say that every technology created, developed or purchased for a brand, a model is among the factors that increase the cost of the watch. New technology can take years to perfect. The process starts with creating a plan and designing it, and continues with engineers and R&D employees developing the product. If a brand is working on a new technology instead of an existing one, this process can take years.

      1. Hand Mader

      Another factor that determines the price of a beautiful and high quality watch is that the product is not fabricated, but completely handcrafted. The reason why top-group automatic watch brands are so expensive is that almost all of them are manual labor. Instead of mass production in a factory environment, professional watchmakers manually assemble the parts of each watch one by one. This means fewer hours produced per year. Less is valuable and expensive.

      1. Production Amount

      When millions of an hour are produced, the design and manufacturing cost is evenly distributed across all hours. This affects the selling price of the watch. In this case, only the sellers can increase the cost of the watch. However, when a watch is produced in a limited number, its price will be so high as it will be a rare, rare watch.

      1. The Model Being Personalized

      Since the invention of quartz technology, people have not had to pay for mechanical watches. If the purpose of the watch user is a device that only shows the time, it is sufficient to buy a mass-produced quartz watch. A quartz watch is much more sensitive to mechanical watches and is maintenance free. 

      Quartz watch technology has created a huge crisis (Quartz watch crisis) in Swiss watchmaking. After this crisis, watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Phlippe increased their prices heavily to convince them that their products were of high quality and improved their marketing techniques on price. Now these two brands are at the top of the industry. It produces the best luxury watches.


      Why Buy a Luxury Watch?

      Luxury ladies watches uk models are the types of watches generally preferred by people with financial freedom. In other words, if you are financially free, you can meet unique and unique luxury watch models. Luxury watch brands are watch companies that have proven themselves in the watch industry, and at the same time have spent years developing expensive watch models that meet the demands. Luxury wristwatches are used in a wide range from businessmen to statesmen, from millionaires to fabricators. But these watch models are the watches that can be preferred by people who have exceeded a certain income level. For this reason, luxury watch models are widely preferred by the wealthy who are passionate about luxury. 

      Buying expensive wristwatches may seem "luxury" for most people. Indeed it is. Nobody wants to buy a watch that is sold for 5-10 times his/her salary. For this reason, expensive watches are generally and widely preferred only by the rich. So why buy an expensive watch? There could be many reasons for this. Watch collectors show great interest in expensive and luxury watches. For this reason, the number of people who buy expensive watches to make collections is not at all. Another reason to buy expensive watches is prestige. The luxury wristwatch is also a symbol of prestige. People with high income levels can buy expensive wristwatches to impress their friends and community. It can also add motivation and self-confidence for the person. Expensive watches can also be purchased as prizes and gifts.


      Where to Buy an Original Luxury Watch?

      Original luxury watches can be mixed with fake or counterfeit watches. For this reason, there are some things to consider when buying a luxury watch. First of all, it is necessary to be skeptical of watches sold as "luxury wrist watches" at very cheap prices compared to the market. Also, choosing a luxury watch from e-commerce sites that cannot meet various security requirements can result in disappointment. Original luxury watches can be obtained from watch brands' own sites or from watch shops. 

      Although expensive wristwatches or luxury wristwatches are "luxury" for many people, the interest of luxury wristwatch enthusiasts in expensive watches continues and will continue. If you are asking whether I should buy an expensive watch, let us state that you should first evaluate your budget. Buying an expensive watch that exceeds your budget and will cause you to borrow will cause problems in your financial life rather than benefit and prestige.


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