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Women's Outdoor Watches


Women's Outdoor Watches


While a wristwatch is one of the most preferred accessories for both men and women, there is a great variety for fashion and watch enthusiasts. It is also functional. It is the complement of our style with its unique form, ornaments, sometimes stones and charismatic appearance. It hugs us like a bracelet on our arms. Its elegance and value are very important to us. While there are many alternatives in terms of brand and model, there are points to be known in order to choose the best outdoor watches for women. 

Wristwatches are primarily divided into mechanical, solar, quartz and kinetics according to their working principles. Mechanical watches; It works with the movement of your body or by setting it up manually. While solar watches work with light energy, kinetic watches work with both automatic and quartz logic, even though they take their energy from the movement of your body. Quartz watches also definitely work with batteries. 

If you like digital watches, you can find very original products. Mostly, those with digital displays for boys and especially Casio digital watches for adult men are among the models preferred over the internet. Models that do not leak water while buying a wrist watch are always preferred. 


Various Outdoor Watches

Among digital watch enthusiasts, you can also find wonderful original products. Digital watch options for boys, especially Casıo digital watches for adult men are among the models preferred from the internet. Models that do not leak water while buying a wrist watch are always preferred. There are also water-proof watch models in women's and children's watches. Especially waterproof models can be legendary options for women outdoor watches.


Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Watches

  • The main things we should pay attention to are as follows:
  • Features and functions of the watch,
  • The materials inside,
  • Durability,
  • The aesthetics of the watch


Those who want to use their watch without any problems for many years should also pay attention. First of all, even waterproof wristwatches should be kept away from chlorinated and salty sea waters. Although these watches are not affected by chlorine and salt in terms of mechanism, they can be affected by the bracelet and bezel.

Wristwatches also require regular maintenance. Even if you do not have any problems, periodic maintenance of the gaskets, buttons, mechanism, glasses and bracelet of your watch that you send to the technical service every 2 years will prolong the life of your watch.


Waterproof Properties

Today's watches have to be resistant to water in certain dimensions according to needs. Critical points that a watch can take in water are the back cover, glass-frame-case connection points, crown and all other operating buttons. The water resistance of the watch is determined in factory tests and expressed in terms of "meter-water pressure". This measure has nothing to do with the depth with which that hour can dive. Watches with leather straps should also be kept away from water.


Watch Types You Can Choose for Outdoor

It is necessary to take a look at the types of best ladies outdoor watches. Clocks worn outdoors need to be practical, stylish and useful.


  • Mechanical watches work thanks to the energy released. This movement is transferred to the indicators with wheels, so we can read the time on the dial.
  • In electronic watches, the electrical energy generated by the battery is converted into vibration by the quartz material. Electronic circuits regulate this vibrational movement and transmit it to the hour and minute hands with gears.
  • In wind-up watches, the mainspring is set by turning the crown.
  • Automatic watches, on the other hand, are installed "by themselves" not only with the crown, but by swinging the semi-circular part called rotor mounted in the center of the machine with the movement of the arm.


Outdoor watches uk with the hour and minute hands on the dial are called analog watches. In digital watches, the time is read on a digital display. Some special models can have both hour and minute hands and a digital indicator. By looking at a watch and listening to it, we can understand the type of machine of that clock. In electronic watches, the seconds hand moves step by step. In mechanical watches, the second hand floats forward. Electronic watches operate silently, except for a weak click of the second hand. Mechanical watches make a steady running sound.

 In the mechanical field, punctuality is expressed in hundredths of a millimeter, or microns. Watchmakers talk about second-to-second changes. This high precision is created by the assumption that the mechanism is constantly under the effects of gravity, metal opening, temperature changes, lubrication and friction.

Punctuality and average daily speed vary according to the activities of the person wearing the watch. Magnetic fields (Computers, cell phones, etc.) can interfere with watch operation.Since mechanical watches are miniature machines consisting of over 100 parts, their punctuality is not as precise as quartz watches. Deviation of 6-12 seconds in 24 hours is considered normal.


About Outdoor Watch Usage and Maintenance

  • Replace your clock batteries before they are completely exhausted. Dead batteries left inside the watch may cause wear and leakage over time.
  • You can safely use only the watches that are clearly stated on their water resistance ratio in the sea, in the shower or in the pool.
  • Show your watches contaminated with water (moisture) or dust only to qualified technicians and services.
  • Mechanical watches must be maintained at regular intervals. Small dust particles that may escape into them can increase the friction of the mechanical parts, such as moisture. 
  • Replace broken or scratched parts on your watch in time. These cracks make it easier for dust and moisture to get inside.
  • Leather straps can loosen and lose their shape as they absorb sweat from your arms, especially in summer. It may also leave traces like rash caused by sweat on your wrist. For this reason, dry the leather straps regularly in the summer. 
  • Keep your watch away from direct and strong sunlight. This will also fade the color of leather straps. Also, your watch battery will decrease in this temperature more quickly. 
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