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Swarovski 5452501 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5452501 Ladies Watch


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    Men's Silicone Strap Watch


    Silicone strap watches are convenient. They offer some great qualities and are very durable and comfortable all the while being cheaper than leather and stainless steel strap watches. But just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are bad. On the contrary, these watches have some of the most versatile watch straps choices on the market. You can use a silicone strap watch for many occasions, including outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping or as your everyday, casual watch.

    As the material technology improves, silicone straps are getting more common. These watches are fashionable workhorses. They are durable, dependable, easy to clean and they come with many color choices.


    Different Kinds of Silicone Strap Watches

    Silicone strap watches are commonly used by individuals who have an active lifestyle. Since they are considered as strictly for sports and casual wear, you can’t find a dress watch with silicone straps. Also, silicone strapped pilot’s watches are hard to come by too. The most common silicone strap men’s watches are; sport watches, diver’s watches, chronographs, field watches and smart watches.


    Sport Watches

    Sport watches are mainly used by active gentlemen. They have durable silicone straps with composite watch cases. Most of the time, sport watches have a digital dial with quartz movement and can have different complications like a chronograph and heart rate tracking. These watches should only be used for sports, outdoor events and a social get-together.


    Diver’s Watches

    Most of the time, divers watches are thick watches with all-metal construction that can take a beating. While historically, they were used by divers thanks to their water resistance, most of the diver’s watches are seen as watches that you can wear for any occasion except the most formal ones.Nowadays, silicone straps are getting more common for diver’s watches, especially the ones that diver’s actually use. Again, composite watch cases can be used for diver’s watches in tandem with silicone straps, as they are more resistant to corroding and easier to read underwater, thanks to the digital dials that can light up.



    Chronographs are predecessors to the sports watches of today. They have analog dials with different complications like chronometers - hence the name- to help the active and time sensitive gentlemen like racing drivers and athletes. Today, chronographs are mostly used as a watch for more formal occasions. Some of the chronograph-style watches like driving watches use silicone straps for added comfort and durability.


    Field Watches 

    Field Watches were first used by soldiers in WW I. They were very sturdy and had different complications to help the men-at-arms in their duties. They were, and still are amongst the most accurate watches because of their line of work. Nowadays, field watches are used by military personnel, admirers of the military or utilitarian style and people who like to spend time in the woods. They mostly have stainless steel cases with leather, nylon or silicone straps.


    Smart Watches 

    Smart Watches are smart companions of today’s connected world. They are the latest evolution in watchmaking and technology. These watches are connected to your phone and can display notifications, news and weather, play music, answer calls, text messages and track your daily activities. These watches mostly use silicone straps and can be used for many occasions thanks to their unique functionality.


    When and Where to Use a Silicone Strap Watch 

    The silicone is a very soft and comfortable material. Also, it is warm to the touch in contrast to steel straps. This makes them very good for winter months. Also, these watches don't slip as much as other materials, thanks to the grippy nature of the silicone. This makes them a very good choice to wear to the gym. But you should make sure that you get a perforated silicone watch for sports. While the silicone is very inert and doesn’t react to many things, it is somewhat easier to damage them when sweaty. So, you should keep them dry and ventilated with the help of perforations.  Also, a silicone strap watch for men can easily be found with any color. This makes them very easy to incorporate into the streetwear items like jeans and t-shirts. So if you have a streetwear heavy wardrobe, you should consider buying at least one silicone strap watch.


    Pros and Cons of Silicone Strap Watches

    Silicone strap watches have unique advantages and disadvantages thanks to their strap materials. As with any watch, you should compare the pros and cons before making a purchase.



    Silicone straps are inert. This means they don’t cause allergies. If you experienced some problems with rubber or metal bands, you can consider silicone straps. They are extremely comfortable to wear, dry quickly and don't slip. This makes them ideal for outdoors. You can go kayaking, camping or bushcrafting without worrying about your watch. They are very durable, deform very hard and easy to clean. Silicone straps are fashionable and come in many colours. And they are very cheap to replace if something happens to them.



    Silicone is a pretty grippy material. This is why it doesn’t slip on your skin. But one downside of this grippy quality is they can collect lints pretty easily. Luckily they are really easy to clean. Silicone’s tensile strength is somewhat low, even with all that elasticity. This is why it may suffer from plastic damage when stretched too far. Once damaged, it is hard to mend silicone, again, the replacements are cheap and plenty.


    Colorful Silicone Strap Watches With Great Quality

    If you are on the market for a men silicone strap watch in the UK, and read these recommendations, you are now ready to buy whatever watch you fancy from this webpage. These watches have great value and will brighten your wardrobe with their incredible colors. They are made by respectable brands and have a very high-quality. If you are an active gentleman, these watches are perfect for your needs and with these recommendations in mind, and thanks to the good quality of this collection, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Finding and buying great and colorful silicone strap watches in UK have never been more convenient.

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