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Best Skeleton Watches for Women


Best Skeleton Watches for Women


In skeleton watches for women models, the watchmaker designs the dial or movement of the watch as transparent and produces it in a way that leaves the inside of the watch as open as possible. Skeleton watchmaking is an art, and watch enthusiasts who love this design can watch the work of all parts of the model in detail thanks to this art.


Features of Skeleton Watches

The type of watch  we call the skeleton watch is actually what we can see the entire internal mechanism of the watch. Basically, most skeleton watches are actually mechanical watches and mechanical watches have the same internal parts, they work the same way. Simply wrapping the mainspring part inside makes the watch work. The power generated by the winding of this spring creates the energy that enables the movement of the gear and wheel system of the watch. The speed of the gear group inside the watch is controlled by the balance wheel. These mechanism gears swing back and forth synchronously, triggering the tong mechanism that enables it to work at precise intervals; This prevents the watch from falling behind. This movement allows the hour and minute hands to indicate the correct time on a twelve-hour dial. It is the movement of this pendulum mechanism that makes the familiar tone of a mechanical watch that generally disturbs us.

Although these basic principles are almost the same for today's mechanical watch movements, hundreds of innovations have been made to add additional functionality to the basic mechanical movement. These additional functions are generally referred to as functions or complications, and frankly speaking, the more functions the watch contains, the more expensive it is accordingly.

One of the most popular watch functions, the mainspring that enables the watch to be set up and operated, is the function of self-winding with the user's wrist movements. Other popular functions include calendars, alarms, moon phase, and power-saving indicators. Among the mechanical watch functions, the most advanced function is the Tourbillon mechanism. Whether it is a pocket watch or a wrist watch, the pendulum system of mechanical watches is affected by gravity. This system works faster when the watch is parallel to the ground, and slower when it is vertical. While pocket watches have a fixed position, this is different with wrist watches. For this reason, the pendulum is placed in a special rotating cage to counteract the gravitational forces that may cause timing errors in the tourbillon mechanism, and the above-mentioned problems have been eliminated.

Best skeleton ladies watches use jewelry bearings to reduce friction caused by moving mechanical parts. Although the basic design of mechanical watches has not undergone a major change in more than 300 years, these marvels of design have many fans today as they were back then. Although generally having a thick structure, thin mechanical watch models bearing the signature of famous watch designers have started to strengthen their place on the shelves. Thanks to these unusual designed mechanical watches, people will not be able to take their eyes off your watch.


Malfunctions That Can be Occur in Skeleton Watches

The malfunctions experienced in skeleton watches are more limited compared to other technological devices. Watch faults are often encountered in wrist watches. While washing your face, you may encounter many malfunctions in wristwatches, such as moisture and mold due to water entering the internal mechanism, running out of battery, hitting objects around you, broken or falling off the glass, breaking of the cord or loosening of the screw.


How to Intervene to the Watch in Which Water Has Gotten?

If you have encountered this situation on your wrist watch, it would be best to leave it to the relevant company if there is a guarantee. However, if it is a watch out of warranty, you can intervene yourself first. You can reach the inner mechanism by removing the metal circular parts on the back of the wristwatches with the help of a screwdriver. You must first remove the battery. The battery, which causes oxidation and mold, will break the whole mechanism. To prevent this, you should disassemble the battery and blow warm air into it. You can also achieve this with a hair dryer. After this process, you should not insert the battery immediately. It should wait openly for a few days. After completely removing the moisture, you can insert the battery and go back to use.  


What Precautions Should Be Taken To Prevent Watch Failures?

To avoid women skeleton watches uk malfunctions, you should not hang your wall watch on a particularly damp floor. Even if the case and the internal mechanism are not sudden, they will damp over time. The battery should not flow and acidify. Although in some cases the watch may appear to be defective, it is the case when the second is stuck on the minute hand or the hour hand. If so, you can help your watch run with a little touch. If there is a watch assembly without a second, it will likely come back to life with a battery replacement.


How Do You Know If The Skeleton Watch Is Original?

There are some important differences between the original watch and the fake watch. First of all, the fake watch can be noticed by its design details. The original watch can be noticed with its functions and documentation. 

  • The design of the original watches is remarkable.
  • Counterfeit watches are inadequate both in design and technical aspects.
  • The features of original watches such as shock resistance, scratch resistant glass and water resistance are not found in fake watches.
  • Many functions of original watch imitations are only found visually.
  • Many fake watches are only visually similar to the original model.
  • Original watches do not contain raw materials or materials harmful to human health. This feature is not paid attention to in counterfeit watches.
  • Fake watches can be particularly harmful for people with allergies on their skin. Because many fake watches contain allergen materials.



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