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Women's Solar Powered Watches

Women's Solar Powered Watches


Today, productivity and sustainability are among the things that companies and even governments attach most importance to. If you are looking for such a technology as a watch user, you may consider purchasing solar watch models called green technology. We can also call these watch types solar-powered watches. Are these solar powered watches suitable for you?


What is a Solar Watch?

Before discussing the pros and cons of solar watches, "What is a Solar Watch?" We must define the question. A sundial is powered by a battery that can be recharged by the sun. Sunlight, and even in today's technology, all kinds of artificial light are absorbed by the solar panels behind the glass. This solar panel converts the light it absorbs into electrical energy to operate the watch. 

When you keep the watch in a dark environment, it stores the energy in a rechargeable cell in order to continue working. Solar powered watches use lithium-ion batteries to store enough energy to keep the watch running, despite being exposed to light for several months. Not every solar watch has a power saving mode, but like the complicated analog versions produced, watches with this feature can hold a charge for up to six months.


How Does a Solar Watch Work?

The working principle of solar-powered watches is generally the same. Basically, there is a panel that will take the sunlight and channel it to a correct point, as we see in our house or on large lands. This panel is the back panel on the dials of the watch. The rear panel transfers sunlight to the battery, allowing the battery to be activated and charged. The full battery activates all the mechanisms. This cycle continues to repeat as long as there is light. In this system where daylight turns into energy and energy is kept in the power cells, your watch always recharges itself. So the battery continues to charge continuously.

It will be sufficient to have daylight for your solar clock to work. In other words, there is no need for the sun to fall directly on the panel to be able to charge your watch and recharge its battery. Instead, daylight can recharge your watch's battery even indoors.


Advantages of Solar Powered Watches

  • It can be charged with any light source, natural or artificial:

Some people think that sundials can only be charged by sunlight and cannot be used in overcast or dark environments. This is a big mistake. A sundial can store power from any light source, whether natural or artificial. You can expose the rechargeable batteries under the watch to the sun as well as to fluorescent or normal light bulbs. All of them will do the same.

  • Maintenance free:

No effort is required to keep solar watches running at all times. Unlike manual mechanical (which needs to be wound regularly) or automatic (set by the movement of the user), a solar watch only needs a little light to operate. It does not require any special maintenance and will continue to work as long as it receives light. 

  • It's easy to charge:

It is very simple to charge solar powered watches. Because these clocks are clocks designed to transform natural and artificial light into energy. If you leave the watch under any natural or artificial light, the watch will start charging immediately.

In fact, a sundial recharges itself every time you use it, as long as you do not leave it in complete darkness. 

  • Long power reserve:

Power reserve may vary depending on the brand and model of the watch. However, for an idea, Citizen Eco-Drive solar watch has the capacity to store its energy for up to 6 months. This means that it will work for 6 months without any light exposure even if it is just in the dark.

  • Long-lasting battery:

Unlike normal quartz watch batteries that can last for a maximum of 2 or 3 years, you do not need to replace solar cells for at least 10 years. Thanks to the developing technology, this period can be up to 20 years on average. A very important saving in the long run.

  • Environmentally friendly:

It is not necessary to change the battery of solar watches every few years. Minimizes the need for battery replacement. This primarily saves its user. Apart from that, it helps to protect the environment by reducing the need for disposable batteries. You know that old waste batteries cause environmental pollution. If you choose a solar powered model while buying a watch, you will not increase the number of batteries that leak chemicals and pollute landfills, and you will contribute to a clean environment.

Due to the technology they use, solar-powered watches are slightly higher in price than regular battery-powered watches. However, the reason for this can be easily understood when you consider the pros and technology. Ladies solar powered watches have a fair amount of cost, as you don't have to replace batteries for decades.


Best Solar-Powered Watches

The first sundials manufactured in the 1970s had unique designs to accommodate the photovoltaic solar cells needed to power them (e.g. Crystron, Synchronar, Sicura, Nepro). The first solar-powered watch at inexpensive, affordable prices was sold in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, Citizen started selling solar-powered watches under the name of the Eco-Drive series. Since the first day of the introduction of solar-powered watches, sundial technology has made great strides in terms of efficiency. Today, solar powered watches make up a large part of the collections of watch brands such as Citizen, Casio, Seiko, Junghans and Orient.


Why Should You Buy a Solar Powered Watch?

When you put the pros and cons of a solar-powered wristwatch side by side, the advantages of solar watches are far more than their disadvantages. Solar watches are reliable, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly watches. The technology they use is truly extraordinary, and there is no doubt that it will become even more important as time goes on.

Solar powered watches are among the most popular and preferred watches, especially in terms of supporting nature. Because it does not need renewal and repair for years. Of course if you take good care of your watch. 

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