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Waterproof Watches for Men

Waterproof Watches for Men

Where do you feel most at home? Do you love to spend time in the water, in the sky or earth?

People who love to spend time on the beach side, who deeply love the ocean would spend time near it. Whether you walk your dog or enjoy the sun; you get in touch with the water. If you love wearing your watch when you’re doing outdoor activities, you may feel at peace with a good waterproof watch that will save your day. Any outdoor activity will be a stress-free, enjoyable experience whether you’re with your friends, your kids or your pets with the waterproof watches.
Especially in summer; if you plan your vacations to the hotels, houses or places near water you may need some essential tool that will make your journey easier. Do you enjoy watersports? If you have a certain hobby that requires you to mingle with water here and there, you can consider waterproof watches for men as an essential tool.

How Do You Know If Your Watch Is Waterproof?

Waterproof watches need a water resistance rating to be considered as one. A water resistance rating is given by manufacturers and has some certain tests regarding it. There are certain degrees that determine how safe a watch is against the water. The timepieces should preserve certain conditions and should be able to receive some specific degrees to be considered as a waterproof watch. The waterproof watches see some certain tests in the laboratory as well as real life with required tools and equipment.

You can ask your manufacturer, brand or watchmaker you can ask for it’s water resistance rating and select one that will fulfill your purposes. Also if you’re shopping online, you can look out for the rating of the specific waterproof watches you need, or you can also test your watch at home by yourself. And do not forget that waterproof watches for men need to be tested once in a year. Make sure you get your watch tested at least once in a year to preserve it’s conditions, and be able to use the waterproof watches you have, with a longer lifetime span.

What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant And Waterproof Watches?

Let’s understand the waterproof watches at a deeper level.
If you love spending time on the beach, seaside, doing water sports occasionally or if you just want your watch to be waterproof to use it however and whenever you can; one thing to know is to select the right set of timepieces for yourself. What’s waterproof and water-resistant? What are their differences? Which one suits well to your needs? Let’s understand the terms first.

Waterproof watches are created to not leak water, but this fact does not mean that they will never leak the water ever. The term “waterproof” shows us the resistance and the ability the watch has against the water. There are different levels that measure the durability of a waterproof watch.
These are the levels of water durability you can see on the waterproof watch.

30 ATM - Your watch can cover splash and rain, you won’t have to worry.
50 ATM - You can shower and swim in the shallow water at this level.
100 ATM - You can swim, dive and do snorkeling at this level.
200 ATM - You can scuba dive with your timepiece and high-impact water sports can be done at this level.
300 ATM - This level is the best for all kinds of high-impact watersports and deep diving.

After the brief introduction and knowledge about waterproof watches, we can discover the meaning of the term “water-resistance”. What does it mean?

A watch that is water-resistant does not mean that it is waterproof, but it means that it’s not weak in terms of having a resistance to the water either. You can confidently keep wearing your watch. A few raindrops or splashes won’t damage these kinds of waterproof watches. But the fact that your watch is water-resistant, does not mean that it is safe to swim or take a shower with.

There is no kind of watch that has a water-resistance forever. So water-resistant watches and waterproof watches both need to be tested at least once a year. Watches are delicate tools when it comes to being under water. Different technologies, materials and tests make the pressure and the resistance stronger but it's best to keep in the mind that waterproof watches have a certain level of durability.
A watch stamped with "Water Resistant" means that it is humidity-protected. It can endure a bit of water splashes from washing your hands or being caught in the rain. However, water resistance does not mean you should swim or shower with your watch on.
Water is the biggest enemy of a watch. If you go swimming or play sports, you should have your watch checked for an accurate reading of its water resistance levels every year. The outside case may look rugged and big, but the movement is very tiny and very delicate. The only thing that stands between your watch and water is a small gasket, a tiny O-ring that is usually made of rubber or silicon. Gaskets form seals around the stem of the crown, pushers, and correctors and sit inside the case and the crystal. Over time, they dry out and lose elasticity and the ability to form a proper seal. This explains why regular testing is so important for maintaining the water resistance of a watch.

Can you swim with a waterproof watch?

Yes, you can swim with waterproof watches for men. But it depends on the durability level of the watch. There are special watches that's created for casually swimming and some different types of timepieces are designed to make the watcher able to swim under deeper levels of water.

Best Cheap Waterproof Watches For Men

When it comes to buying yourself a waterproof watch, consider your necessary needs first. There are a variety of waterproof watches available and the best one of a timepiece for you should fulfill your needs. Choose certain features and where you will use your watch, make sure the watch you buy carries the features you need. And sort your preferences according to your budget as well. The result will show you the best one you need and you can enjoy your time around water now. Waterproof watches will allow you to have a stress-free and fun experience with your friends and family whether you're doing water sports or just spending time at the beach.

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