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Lorus Watches

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Lorus RH919KX9 Grey Mesh Strap Men's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG250NX8 Gold Mesh Strap Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG224PX9 Grey Mesh Strap Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RRW51EX9 Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG250NX9 Grey Mesh Strap Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG239NX9 Grey Stainless Steel Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG296PX9 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Strap Grey Dial Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG255QX9 Grey Mesh Strap Women's Watch - Watch Home™
Lorus RG267PX8 Leather Strap Womens Watch - Watch Home™

Welcome to our incredible collection of Lorus Watches at Watch Home, where timekeeping meets sophistication!

Lorus watches are not only timepieces but also reflections of individuality and style. With their impressive history and commitment to quality, they are the perfect accessory to grace your wrist. In this category, you'll find a variety of Lorus Watches that blend craftsmanship with style, function, and affordability.

lorus watches

Versatility and Style

The heart of the Lorus Watches collection at Watch Home is its wide array of styles. Whether you prefer a bold chronograph or a chic analogue, we've got you covered. Our selection ranges from sports watches for those outdoor adventures to elegant dress watches perfect for making an impression at the office. All are designed with the practicality and style that has become synonymous with the Lorus brand.

Unmatched Quality

When you choose Lorus Watches, you're investing in more than just a watch. You're getting the promise of unmatched quality. Every Lorus timepiece is a testament to precision engineering and high-quality materials. From the durable watch case to the reliable movement inside, your Lorus watch is built to stand the test of time.

Affordable Luxury

Think luxury watches are out of your reach? Think again! At Watch Home, we believe in making luxury accessible. That's why our Lorus Watches collection is priced to fit a range of budgets. Even better, you don't have to compromise on style or quality. With a Lorus watch, you can enjoy the feel of luxury without breaking the bank.

Lorus Watches for Everyone

Our Lorus Watches collection is as diverse as our customers. You'll find watches for men, women, and even children. Each watch is designed to reflect the individuality of its wearer, making it easy to find the perfect watch to suit your unique style. With Lorus Watches, everyone can find their perfect match.


Top Picks Just for You

Oi there! Ever fancied a sleek watch that screams luxury but also shows off your unique personality? Well, you're in luck, mate! Our Lorus Watches collection features top picks that will definitely catch your eye.

lorus watches

For the Sporty Souls

Our Lorus sports watches aren't just built for durability; they're also chock-full of features that'll make you say, "Cor blimey!" Dive watches, running watches, you name it, we've got it. These timepieces can handle any rough and tumble activities you've got planned, all while keeping you punctual. Talk about a win-win, eh?

For the Classy and Sophisticated

Fancy a night out or want to impress at a business meeting? Our Lorus dress watches are your go-to. With their stylish designs and polished finishes, they're sure to turn heads. And the best part? They’re as reliable as they come. These tickers will keep you on time, so you can focus on making a smashing impression.

For the Everyday Adventurer

For those who crave a watch that's perfect for the daily grind, we've got Lorus watches designed just for you. These trusty timepieces are crafted to withstand your day-to-day, from the early morning commutes to the late-night wind-downs. And with their versatile styles, they'll look brilliant, whether you're in your work attire or your cosy weekend getup.

Personalise Your Style

At Watch Home, we believe in expressing individuality. With our wide range of Lorus Watches, you can mix and match to suit your style. Prefer a leather strap to a metal bracelet? No problem. Fancy a digital display over an analogue? We've got you covered. The possibilities are endless, so go on and have a gander!

lorus watches

Watch Home is proud to bring you a dazzling array of Lorus Watches. So, whether you're an adventurer, an athlete, a high-flyer, or simply someone who appreciates a good watch, we've got something for you. Browse our collection today and find your perfect timepiece. After all, there's no time like the present!